Introducing the Apple Mac-specific treat
you and your device have been waiting for

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First off: why English language only? I'm 100% Italian!

So am I.
And I'm natively speaking Italian, although not always. Huh. I'm not going to speak English to you in case we'll get to know each other though. Unless you ask me to...

Although I know I might sound like pedantic, I'm afraid the answer is ultimately "because information technology speaks English", and so should you when you're using your computer or just browsing the web with any device: approximately 85% of all information you're likely to come across the internet speaks English.
Don't you think it's time to drop Google Translate and learn some?

Sorry, had to say...

What does "X-Dream" stand for?

"X" simply stands for the X in OS X, Apple's desktop operating system.
That is most obviously my go-to system, at least when it comes to media (I prefer Linux over OS X under many aspects - especially networking - but that's another story).
I might have added some "iSomething" somewhere, but despite the fact that I'm perfectly used and prone to
iOS integration, that definitely sounded a little too lame. Huh.

...And you sure don't need me to tell you what a "
dream" is, or how "X-Dream" extremely resembles "extreme", do you?
Read further along if you wish then.

What precisely is “X-Dream"?

After fiddling, failing and mostly succeeding in the use of OS X in different scenarios and on a number of devices for more or less 14 years (since the final Mac OS 9 breath and the first Mac OS X "Cheetah" wailings), I decided to make my knowledge and passion available to others by starting a service which aims to fulfil everyone's dream of a more productive computer environment based on the Mac platform.
Such service specifically addresses media producers and distributors such as video-makers, designers, audiophiles, sound engineers, music producers and performers et cetera, but can be extremely useful to power-users who aren't strictly involved in industry driven-processes just as well.

Why would I be interested?

Being more productive is many professionals' secret weapon and most arguably every user's dream, although seldom overlooked. It's core can be basically found in speed.
You don't want to know how much time you
waste on repetitive tasks, and - most hideously - you never should really know how much time you're wasting on bad habits, wrong hardware and poor hardware usage above all.
I might track that time for free if you ask me, but most of the times, you're just going to realise how impressive such amount of time had been that far all by yourself in a few days!

What services are you offering?

What I'm offering consists in optimal system tweaking, a customised set of tools (be them hardware or software), and - last but not least - training and improvement of users themselves.
These three steps pushed me to deliver three different sets of service in order to taylor each and everyone's needs, wallet and will:
Smooth Operator, Army Knife, and Killer Weapon.

You may want to
read more about each of these or simply get in touch with me and arrange a meet-and-talk session (free within the Bologna area, otherwise the cheapest travel expenses will be charged only if you don't plan to subscribe for any service). I will advise you with sincerity about what I consider to be the most suitable for you by then.
One way or the other, my only goal will always be your
satisfaction and your personal boost in productivity.

Could you tell me more about X-Dream "Smooth Operator”?

"Smooth Operator" is the most basic one among the three kind of X-Dream services I'm offering.
If you're feeling confident enough about your workflow, don't want to learn using new tools, or you simply don't have enough time to for you're heavily pressed by a tight schedule, I can provide your environment a simple and relatively quick
tune-up in order to make your device(s) faster and... well, smoother!

Let me deal with those little pebbles down your daily routine: you won't be disappointed.

How about X-Dream "Army Knife”?

"Army Knife" is the intermediate kind of X-Dream service I'm offering.
Do you ever have a feeling that you could do a
better and quicker job if you only had a few more right tools and applications?
Well, you're not alone. Everyone had at least dozens of such feelings in a lifetime, me included. Now let me take the stress out of finding "which are what" off you and provide you with the army knife of
productive computing!
Sincerely enough, you will have to learn how to use them on your own, but I will help you realise the full potential of such new tools before leaving you
on the right track, no worries.
Some little documentation reading maybe and a little time to get used to such "
boosters" will suffice if you're enough skilled, and you'll probably find yourself fought between the regret for not taking such chance before and the happiness you'll get for the gained speed and efficiency.

I'm a pacifist, but what more does "Killer Weapon" deliver?

"Killer Weapon" has nothing to do with war, don't worry: I'm a pacifist myself.
But there're times when you just want to do what you can do
the very best way possible, because it's "war" out there, and it's either you don't compete at all and lose, or you win.
Sometimes we all think we know how our workflow should be like. We feel confident that way and never consider changing our habits.
After years in trying to take all out of Macs and after hundreds of times I felt sorry people couldn't deliver as much as they could, I finally decided that I had to offer everyone a
different point of view. A new approach involving new tools, system tweaks, applications and - most importantly - a comprehensive training in how to operate a Mac most efficiently.

This service consists of a
deep dive into the best that Apple and third-party developers has to offer, and doesn't limit to a one-day "install-and-advise" but rather provide you extensive collaboration thru time, leading you to be the Mac master everyone (you first) is looking for.
You'll find out you can do a lot more, and a lot better. No regrets attached.

Hmm. Prices?

Ok then: you've got a brand new Mac worth some thousands notes... That's great.
All I want now is to let you take the most of of it. Consider that as an extra Mac feature. And most arguably the most valuable.

You've never really thought I would boost your computer experience for free, have you?
Well, I definitely think that your newly-acquired Mac proficiency is well worth these sums:

X-Dream "Smooth Operator"
99€ (incl. VAT) + 9€ every extra work-hour (casual talk
not included!)

X-Dream "Army Knife"
199 (incl. VAT) + 9€ every extra work-hour (casual talk not included!)

X-Dream "Killer Weapon"
299 (incl. VAT) + 39€ every extra counselling day (casual talk may occur: it's training!)